Haridwar Writing Project

San Antonio Writing Project Director Dr. Roxanne Henkin, Co-Director Dr. Kalpana Iyengar, and SAWP Teacher Consultant Thomas Porter, along with UTSA Dean Betty Merchant, traveled to Northern India to establish the Haridwar Writing Project at the University of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV), a Hindu university in Haridwar, and conduct their first HWP Summer Institute.

This marks the second international writing project site established by the San Antonio Writing Project. The first site was established in Limpopo, South Africa in 2009.

Dean Merchant represented UTSA in signing a Memorandum of Understanding with DSVV to establish a sustained professional relationship between the two universities to provide teachers with a summer institute to develop the pedagogical skills necessary to become better writing teachers across the curriculum, benefiting both students and researchers.


To learn more about the Haridwar Writing Project and how you can join SAWP to support this educational opportunity, email Dr. Kalpana Iyengar at sawp@utsa.edu