Cuentos Project


Since 2007, the San Antonio Writing Project has sponsored the “Cuentos Project.” Cuento in Spanish means “story.” Each year we invite Pre-K through college teachers across the greater San Antonio area to have their students participate in getting students to tell important stories from their family or culture.

The purpose of the project is to collect family stories by having students interview people in their families and then write about it. We’re looking for stories about families, San Antonio and our heritage. In recent years, the idea of getting children to tell family stories has spread to various communities
–the Kahani Project focuses on children of Indian decent to tell their stories
–the EYaGi Project is a new effort targeted toward children of Korean descent
–the Historias Project is an assignment done by international students at St. Mary’s University.

You can get your students telling stories too!

As you will see by reviewing the “Lesson Ideas for Teachers” link below, the project is very flexible and there are many different ways to get your students writing family stories. You don’t have to be a Teacher Consultant with SAWP to participate.

Lesson Ideas for Teachers

PDF of Permission Form for Students

Please submit these projects to or to the address below:

The San Antonio Writing Project
The Cuentos Project
The University of Texas at San Antonio
College of Education and Human Development
Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, Texas 78249