SAWP College-Ready Writer’s Program Advanced Institute

SAWP College-Ready Writer's Program Advanced Institute

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 6.27.00 AMThis summer the San Antonio Writing Project begins a new initiative designed to bring the National Writing Project’s College-Ready Writer Program to San Antonio. As the NWP CRWP website states, “The central goal of the College-Ready Writer’s Program is to help students become skilled at writing arguments from nonfiction sources.” The entire program is about helping students learn to read critically and incorporate credible evidence to support a claim within their writing.

For the next year, 12-15 SAWP Teacher Consultants will be learning about the College-Ready Writer Program and trying its lessons out in their classrooms. Starting Summer 2017, SAWP TCs participating in this Advanced Institute experience will be able to lead in-service on the CRWP in San Antonio-area schools.

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